This is a website about ceramics from West and East Germany. The main goal is to present marks and labels so you can determine the producer and manufacturing year of your own ceramics.

This website will grow

For the moment this website show marks and labels of Scheurich, Bay Keramik, Carstens Tönnieshof and Uebelacker. However, I am working with more German ceramic producers. My next project is Jasba.



May 31: Uebelacker is added to the website. Uebelacker has also been a challenge and it took me more than 2 years to finish the work with Uebelacker. There is very little information to find about Uebelacker and most years proposed in this work are therefore uncertain. I have once again tried my best to sort this out.
The catalog from März 1957 is a very interesting document I have found and I have published the entire catalog for you to enjoy.

April 5: "Bay Labels  Page 1" is updated with the label
"Art Pottery".


December30: Carstens Tönnieshof is added to the website. Carstens Tönnieshof has been a challenge. There are very little information to find about the years labels and marks were used.  Most years are therefore approximat. The information about the years the different series Carstens Tönnieshof used, are very confusing, espesially about Carstens Atelier.
I have tried my best to sort this out. 


September 23: Bay Keramik added to the website.

September 3: Added pictures in "Scheurich Labels".

September 2: Added some new pictures in "Scheurich History, Shapes & Decors".

July 26: Added the first "Scheurich" label in the colour gold with red text.

June 23: A minor update about the "S&G" label.

June 18: "Scheurich" has been updated with information about  Scheurich & Greulich and the "S&G" label. According to Alf Dieterle 2008  (Trödler Magazin 10/2008) Scheurich and Greulich continued its wholesale business alongside Scheurich Keramik KG until 1968. I want to thank Carry Hausmann for this information!

June 3: This web site was launched.