Bay 1933-1997

Timeline Labels

Bay used many labels from the start 1933 until the end of the company 1997.  41 labels and 9 generations of labels have been identified. The earliest labels have the company name "Bay" in a prisma shaped frame.  These labels were probably used from the start 1933 until ca. 1946. A label with a "smoke stack" was then used ca. 1946-1952. Then followed 6 generations of a label with a crown that were used ca. 1953-1972. The last generation of labels were used ca. 1973-1997 and contains only of text "BAY KERAMIK" and a small symbol of a star or a flower.

At least 10 additional labels were used with text that is was handmade (handarbeit/handgemalt), fireproof (Feuerfest), the name of the decor (ex. Florenz), or the name of a special series of ceramics (ex. BAY Contura).