Uebelacker 1909-1990

Timeline Labels

There is very little information to be found about what year Uebelacker used different labels and marks. The only information I have is the book "Keramik der 50er Jahre" by Horst Makus with som pictures from a 1955 catalog showing the logo.  According to Makus, Uebelacker started with decorative ceramics in the 30s but thera are no informations about labels from these years. Uebelacker frequently used ink base marks on 40-50s ceramics and it is possible that the company did not used labels in the 30s.

I was fortunate to find a catalog from March 1957 that helped me a lot with all decors and shapes and the logo used that year.

Information after the 50s is also very limited. I have found the "Klinker" label on a piece with the decor "Naxos" from 1961. I have also seen a vase with a label marked with the year 1964.

The last label Uebelacker used has the text "MADE IN W.-GERMANY".  This label was probably used until  Germany was united 1989. The year it was introduced is more difficult to find out. One vase with a very special decor (fat lava style with a robot inspired form) that was sold on E-bay, was marked with the year 1978. That particular decor is only known with this last label so it was introduced at the lates 1978.

Since there are very limited information, all years in the time line are very uncertain. I have therefore proposed 5 years periods for most labels in the time line, 45-49, 50-54 and so on. 

In total I have identified 20 labels and at least 7 generations of labels that were used from the end of the 40s to the late 70s. Five labels are series labels; "Diana" 1953-1955, "Ech Kobalt" 1952-1953, "Craquelé" 1952-1954, "Klinker" from ca 1961 and "Studio" probably from the early 70s.