Carstens Tönnieshof 1946-1977 (1984)

Timeline Labels

Carstens Tönnieshof was founded 1946 and production of table ceramics started 1947. It is not clear if Carstens used a label from the beginning.  Table ceramics  with two types of labels are known, both with the text "QUALITÄTS ERZEUGNIS". These labels are probably the earliest Carstens used.

Decorative ceramics can be found with labels with the text "WEST GERMANY" and these must therefore have been produced earliest 1949. At least 29 different labels was used from 1949 until 1977.  About 6-7 generations of labels have been identified. 

Carstens also used labels for different series:

Mode Chic ca. 1960 -  ca.1961
Carstens Atelier 1962 - ca.1977
Carstens Luxus 1967 - early 70s
Carstens Boutique 1967 - early 70s
Carstens Europa 1967 - early 70s
Carstens Töpferei ca. 1975 - 1977

There is also a Carstens label with a world map. This label can be found on ceramics from the Europa series. It is not known if this label represent an own series.

After the bankruptcy 1977 a new company, Kiel Atelier, was founded. They used several labels with the text "KIEL". One of these labels is shown in this study.